EFPA Newsletter 05/2017

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Chairman's Welcome

Dear EFPA Certificate holders, 2017, a key year for financial advisors and for financial advice, is moving fast but positively for our profession and for EFPA. This is a key year for several reasons. Of course by the forthcoming entry into force of MIFID 2 and the ESMA Guidelines on professional qualifications, which will have great repercussions, -we think all very positive-, for financial advice.

But we are also immersed in other transcendental changes. The sector is seeing the emergence of digital advisors (roboadvisors) that can be important collaborative tools for asset management and for financial advice and planning, but which cannot replace in any case the process of know-your-customer and of proper personalized advice derived from it.

And what about the challenges to which we are subject these days as the minimum interest rates, the growing uncertainty not only economic but political, and by being active agents to cooperate in the peremptory need to grow savings, more necessary than ever in front of the doubts about retirement pensions, public indebtedness, longevity and the permanent reduction of the ratio of contributors to pensioners.

Qualified financial advisors have important challenges, but our role in the industry and in society is growing. EFPA, as guarantee of well-trained, up-to-date and ethically-oriented professionals, is moving forward to become a European professional benchmark in the financial industry. This newsletter is a sample of the various actions, events and activities in which we are working for the profession and that we want to share with you.

Josep Soler-Albertí
Chairman, EFPA BoD

Latest news EFPA EUROPE
The EFPA Italy Meeting 2017
The EFPA Italy Meeting 2017 will take place October 12th and 13th in Venice Lido, Palazzo del cinema. 2017 will be a very important year for EFPA Italy. First, because EFPA Italy will celebrate its 15th birthday, and secondly we will also celebrate the 10th edition of their main event. Starting in 2008, EFPA Italy main event has taken place all over the country: Verona, Florence, Rome, Milan, Sorrento, Riva del Garda, Lecce, Genoa and Giardini Naxos in Sicily. We are really looking forward to this yearly gathering of professionals.
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EFPA Europe new website
EFPA has launched its new website a few months ago. You will find a modern and user-friendly tool that provides the latest news and activities in EFPA and of course all the information about the association, certifications and certificate holders. Check it out, you will love it!
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Aldo Varenna, President of EFPA Italia and one of the Italy's most relevant and active financial consultant, passed away at the end of the last year. Here we present you our tribute video to him, a dear friend with a big heart and a wonderful professional. Aldo's strength and optimism will always be in our hearts.
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EFPA France on the media
EFPA France, http://www.efpa-france.fr was created in the 2009 under the impetus of the Le Centre de Formation de la Profession Bancaire. Mr Michel Piano, Chairman of the Board of Directors, leads the organization and Dr. Geneviève Lhomme represents EFPA France at the EFPA Board of Directors.
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SUMMARY of EFPA and Personal Finance Society (PFS) Robo advisor event in London (February 2017)
Threat or Opportunity last 23rd February 2017, at Geat Hall, 20 Aldermanbury, London, EC2V 7HY. In this event, we were able to:
- Hear from technology leaders and peers from across Europe about the subject, enabling us to benchmark our understanding and planned practices.
- Fully understand the key regulatory, risk and compliance issues facing the provision of ROBO/DIGITAL advice.
- Hear directly from the regulators as to what their priorities and key areas of focus are.
- Comprehend the risks facing both advisory firms and technology providers and how best to combat them.
- Gain an understanding of Counter party risk.
- Get to grips with the latest developments in client facing Technology and learn how they can benefit your business.
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EFPA UK and Personal Finance Society position about BREXIT: Background and some early thoughts
The result of the referendum vote is clearly the major issue for the UK but also for the rest of the EU.  There has been much talk about the vote, how it was organised, why there was so much strategic voting and whether or not there should be another vote on the subject.
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In the last year and a half I have been able to participate in different events on Robo advisors, as well as read many articles about it. I am a true believer in financial culture improvement of our society and for this reason at EFPA, we have been carrying out financial education activities for schools and professional colleges, led by volunteers.
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In the current economic and financial context, we must offer financial expertise to various groups and at different levels, including professional groups. In EFPA Spain, as an association of advisors and financial planners, wants to work on improving the financial capacities of society in general and professionals in particular.
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Nexts events
May 30th - June 1st
EFPA Chairman will participate at the CIFA Forum 2017 in Monaco
Mr. Soler-Albertí will participate at the XV International CIFA Forum held May 30th - June 1st in Monaco.
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Sept 29th - 30th
EFPA France will attend PATRIMONIA LYON 2017
EFPA France @efpa_fr will attend next Patrimonia event held Sept 29th - 30th (Centre de congrès) in Lyon, France.
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